Happy Women’s Day…

Somebody sent a forward to me today which made me a bit confused (though I loved it :)). The forward had a smiley picture and quoted ” Happy Women’s Day – Officially 8th March, Unofficially Everyday “. Although I believe it myself but is it really?

Well for women like me who have been lucky in here-educated to a certain level that we got a corporate job. We are working as per our wish not only to financially aid the family or even for that, for some of us.Brought up in a family where atleast few of them if not all supported me being a girl. Some of us who have got a partner who understand that just by being men they are not superior, and being around some colleagues who respect us women in some manner, this day may be “unofficially” be everyday…but what about some other unfortunate ones- does this celebrating or announcing a day officially matter?Do the women even care?

For such sect of women who can again be divided into 2 kind. One kind being them that are uneducated/educated less,who work as mason,maid,daily wage workers and many more such roles whose pay is meager- for them a day to be celebrated as women’s day- who cares?They are more worried that they wont be able to earn that day or spend much more than they earn for such a day. So they would rather not have such a day am sure..And also sure that they wouldn’t be aware of existence of such day.

And the second kind, being the one,who are in no ways independent-those small girls born to family where they feel they are a burden or more, a curse, those girls who are married off early to another such family where they have to go through the same kind of cruelty or more than they had received in their ‘own’ house, those girls who are treated as dirt,such commodity,as workers in their own house-for them they would be cursing that they are women to even celebrate a day for women’s day.They would rather make mockery of such a day then even acknowledge it,forget celebrating.

For that matter all of us who might have been luckier and independent in many ways, who feel lucky to be women and some of us proud,is there really a day to be officially celebrated as women’s day? Why? What happens different that day rather than just people wishing for the sake.Am sure most of us dont need that one day to be an official Women’s day but rather make everyday unofficially a women’s day when–

We do not have to think twice for just merely being dressed- in anything we want to wear

We do not have to contemplate twice before we eat a couple of sweets extra cos of being fat and be shamed on our weight

We do not have to think twice to wander alone whether in broad day light or middle of night , amidst a crowded place or a secluded one

When we wear a makeup just cos we like it and not cos how people would like to see us

When we are not judged just cos our lips are coloured a shade too red or a dress worn too short or had an extra glass of beer

When we are not expected to leave the job /career cos the man in the family has to earn more or we have certain more “responsibilities- back at home”

When we are not advised to get married/ borne babies cos of body clock or societal pressure

When we are not labelled being aggressive or loud or rude cos of our growth in professional front

When we are not questioned on our decision making capabilities- personally or professionally as “women are always confused”- its not we are confused, its just that we want best of both things

When any problem in a household is not blamed by neighbors on the daughter/wife/daughter in law of the house

When every other joke being made on wives curtailed

When women riding/driving , map reading ,technical capabilities are appreciated more than their cooking,cleaning capabilities

When women are thought of much much more than just being a good daughter, sister,wife or mother.

When women views are taken seriously-be it political,sports, economics,science,realty etc than only in relationship,healthcare,parenting etc

And this is possible only when the men and some women (included) thought process changes, their attitude towards women changes,the perspective of all men and women are in the same direction, not just in my village,my city,my state or my country but then everywhere else, with everyone,only then it would mean to wish a “Happy Women’s Day” anyday.


Its boring!!

Yesterday while sitting at home and trying to whilst away my time I went into binge watching some ‘girl’s ‘ series in one of so many entertainment apps that we have these days.

Well, this was not one of those series that i would have loved to watch or that i had been recommended but then at that moment i thought its better than watching a long movie!! And that’s when it struck to me!!

Isn’t it that i liked those 3 hour movies without missing a second of it ( that time it dint matter whether it is a boring movie or it made some sense or not). I might have heard the story of the movie,dialogue by dialogue by someone already who would have watched it before and would be exclaiming to myself when watching the movie..oh!! here comes the dialogue or oh! this is the scene we had discussed and never got bored!! There was once this boy loves girl movie that i had watched more than 15 times i am sure, and by hearted each dialogue, each scene and enacted it with family couple of times as well and never got bored…but given a chance, at that time, i would have watched it again!!! Then why is it now that i feel boring watching a movie and chose a series instead??

In those days, people would watch an episode and wait for the story to unfold the next week and now we cant even wait for the very next day. We even watch 2 serials at the same time in between ads of each serial. Is this that our brain are processing faster or than our brains are bored by watching one??

Not much time ago we would hear a melodious song and would be humming the same for days even months together but now no matter how lovely a song might seem to be heard at the first,it would stay with us for maximum couple of weeks until the next song takes over or infact we even sing 2 songs at a time.

Same with clothes- our wardrobes didnt have as much as it has now i am sure and still we say many a times (irrespective of gender) i dont know what to wear or I dont have anything to wear. Ia m just bored wearing the same things again and again!!

As for food- we prefer a multi cuisine most times since each one of us wants to eat our own choice and also taste each others!! Cos same or similar food is boring to our palate now!!

This trend of not being fine with one thing, being bored easily seems to have now extended over things to people now…Dont you think?

I know I know we cant compare things with people but then i am not… here i am just speaking about the emotions that remains the same whether its a thing -living or non-living!! Then why is it that its difficult to accept that??Isn’t it because we have had or we have provided to others so many choices that we are in this state now? We are just bored of everything very early now- be it a thing or a person!!!